Instructor Bios


Caleb Alexander

Having completed a Masters of Jazz Pedagogy and Performance at the University of Missouri in May 2017, Caleb Alexander specializes in guitar lessons in multiple styles for all levels of player.  Caleb is passionate about teaching students not only to play their instrument but also understand the music they are playing. 

Caleb is active in the Columbia music community playing with Austin Jones and The Bootheel Boys, teaching at Westminster College, and leading his own group Debonair Dinosaur.

Beyond guitar, Caleb is also available for lessons in jazz improvisation, audio engineering, and for studio and live performance sessions.



Jon Green

Jon was born and raised in Southeast Iowa. He began playing guitar at age 14, with a love for classic heavy metal and rock music. As his musical career progressed other styles such as country and bluegrass found their way into his playing style. Over the years Jon has toured with various artist around the country trying to make every part of his life about music and continuing to improve as a musician. Eventually this led him to relocate to Columbia in 2018 to be more involved with the music scene in this region.

Whether you are just starting out or already established, playing music should be fun! This is especially true for beginners. As an instructor, Jon believes in a down to earth practical approach to playing guitar that keeps the pace moving and will light up (or rekindle) a love for music that can last a lifetime.

Jon also stresses the importance of maintenance and all around care for ones instrument and how this can make playing guitar more enjoyable. Jon teaches everything to do with being a musician, from learning a new song, learning to sing while playing, or even just learning how to change strings and tune. But most importantly, instilling how to make playing guitar fun!

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Greg hausman

Greg is a skilled musician who has over 15 years of experience teaching guitar. Classically trained and fluent in a multitude of styles, he has taught students ranging from 5-75. Whether you are just starting your guitar journey or are an experienced player looking to blaze a new trail, Greg can help you achieve your guitar playing goals.


Patrick KeenaN

Patrick began playing guitar in the fall of 1990. He had the idea of mixing two of his favorite genres, classical and heavy metal, by taking a guitar class in school that taught the basics of guitar that gave him the foundation for what was to come. Deciding he wasn't getting what he needed from the class, he decided to take private lessons from a metal/neo classical master Ted Dorman. His thirst for guitar knowledge became so overwhelming that he studied music theory on his own, and within a year of private lessons, he took Ted's practice over!

Patrick started giving guitar lessons at Guitar Man Music in Camdenton, MO. In 1993  he made Columbia, MO his home, teaching at H & S Unique Guitar for a bit. He moved to St. Louis for a bit, teaching at Nottingham schools and Huelsing Music, then moved back to his home in Columbia MO. 

Now, Patrick plays in a progressive rock band called The Stone Throwers and proudly teaches guitar (and bass!) at Show Me Academy. Patrick specializes in progressive rock and the fine art of shredding and ripping guitar riffs and leads, and is experienced in music theory. Many of his students went on the renown bands such as Remora, Creaturezoid, Christian Death Party, etc. If you want to go beyond the usual, Patrick is your guy!


John Roberts

Born and raised in Columbia Missouri, John Roberts is primarily a guitarist and bassist, but also dabbles as a pianist and drummer. He has been playing guitar for over a decade since he was ten and the rest followed not long after. He grew up in a musical family and was first taught music by his dad and brothers - though he has had a plethora of music teachers throughout his life teaching him guitar, bass, and theory.

John plays music from all genres but some of his favorites are Funk, Reggae, math-rock, R&B, and Hip-Hop.

John grew up teaching all of his friends music until he got his first teaching job in early 2017.  He is obsessed with technique and loves spending time practicing. He pushes his hands to their limits and likes mastering the various intricacies of his instruments. John loves to play with any one he can find -his bands, his friends, and his students.

John has taught lessons in guitar and bass, beginner drums, songwriting, improvisation, band practice, and home recording.

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Kris Roberson

Having played music and performed in some capacity for over 25 years, Kris Roberson is passionate about ensuring music is both fun and challenging for students. As long as the student wants to learn and is willing to work hard at it, prior playing experience and/or capability is of little matter. Teaching curriculum spans from proper breathing technique to aural training to theory, being committed to developing well-rounded musicians who perform with both technical and musical prowess. Above all, she wishes to foster a lifelong passion for music.

Kris began singing at the age of three, playing piano at the age of five, and found the euphonium in middle school after a brief time on trumpet. Since then, she has expanded to playing most of the brass family, classical guitar, piano (both classical and contemporary Christian worship), bass, hand drumming, auxiliary percussion, bass guitar, and basically anything else she can get her hands on. She's also dabbled in woodwinds, choral arranging, composition, and audio engineering. Kris also has experience playing pit in local theatre productions to include Little Shop of Horrors (bass) and The Producers (euphonium).

Kris attended MU from 2004-2005, studying under Dr. Angelo Manzo and playing in the concert band. A few years later, she returned to school--this time at Central Methodist University--studying under Jackie Lordo, Dr. John Perkins, and Dr. Ron Atteberry. During this time she played in the CMU band and toured with them as a soloist in her graduating year.

Kris currently plays twice monthly for The Way in Wentzville, MO, covering whatever is needed from week to week but mostly playing bass. Kris also directs the volunteer choir at Veterans United Home Loans.